"Young & Foolish"is a bit of a hotch-potch because it consisted of
a number of demos of various styles. Peter was trying to make it big
but the big guns in the record companies thought otherwise.
This was before the days of "do it yourself". But he decided to put them
altogether on a cassette, run off some copies at the local tape copying service
and lo and behold - here was his first album.

We are now re-mastering the whole album,
which should be available on CD by the end of 2000.

Track list
Click on the title for the lyrics.
Click on MP3 to hear the song.

Happy Times MP3
When Your Doors Are Closed
All those Summer Days MP3
Crying Inside
Now That I Got You
Packed My Suitcase
Need Your Love
Young and Foolish MP3

Between 1977 and 1979 Brown made three different demo tapes of three to four songs each.
But when the established record companies paid scant regard to his efforts (there was no "Indie" movement at that time) he decided to put them all together on one unit and release it himself.

He sold copies of the resulting cassette tape at live gigs and open mic sessions, just as he does with the CDs today.This accounts for the variety of style: three songs are pop-rock with a full band, three are rather more acoustic and four are country-ish in style - though very obviously British.

Song highlights:
"When your doors are Closed " a morbidly romantic complaint addressed to a girl who spurned his love,  "Rosie" a funky tale of Love's labours lost with a Sudanese bassist and drummer,
and the title track "Young & Foolish", a long, somewhat cynical song about - well, you know - life,
in which Ovation guitar, flute and violin interweave an extraordinary pattern of sweetness and joy.
Markiza plays Fender Rhodes on 4 songs, and Gavin Murley is mostly the bass player,
sometimes plying an acoustic bass guitar which he made himself.   Other musicians include: Maurice Judge, lead guitar; Ekhardt, flute & percussion; Susan Ellery, keyboards; Sammy, bass; Seth, drums; Lyn Dobson, sax; Jeremy turner, violin; Russell lambert, drums; Patti, Pat & Louise, backing vocals - not forgetting multi-instrumentalist Brown who tries his hand at lead and backing vocals, harmonica, rhythm & slide guitar and - wait for it - trumpet! (on Now That I Got You)

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