"Wild Place in the Sun" is much more consistent.
There are no drums and it is "folk" from start to finish.
But the style is unashamedly romantic and the album is not bad by any standards,
not least because of the contribution by maverick bass player
Gavin Murley, easily the most brilliant, totally unknown musician the world over.
All recorded live on 4-track.
So don't expect state of the art recording quality folks.
But if you want real music...

Track list
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When the Stars Are Bright
Wild Place In the Sun
You Make It All So Easy      MP3   
Scent of Roses
I Need the Sun
You Got to Let Go
Plains of Samarkand
All Go to Waste
Oh! Freedom

This album is much more of a unity in style and concept, around the theme of sun and sea holidays,
originally inspired by Brown and his wife Markiza's honeymoon in Lanzaroti, one of the Canary Islands
which was then relatively unspoilt. Here Gavin Murley really comes into his own and lifts the songs onto a higher realm.
His fretless bass playing is very up front and is nothing short of awesome.

Markiza sings backing on several songs and plays piano - except for one strange track about human rights called "Plains of Samarkand" in which Gavin overdrives his bass and Brown takes over on the black-and-whites.
He also tries his hand on mandolin, slide guitar and blues harp to save the sessionists bill.
The album is unapologetically FOLK - not a drum to be heard.

Song Highlights:
"When the Stars Are Bright" an Eagles-ish song brimming with faith and hope and triumph over adversity,
"I Need the Sun" which was a big hit when performed in UK in chilly February and March,
and the title track - another haunting, love-lorn, unrequited elergy, in which the suffering writer laments that
his girlfriend is more interested in "kicks and thrills" than the security of his love.

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