Gigs - Soft Touch 2002

January 4th Selangor Festival at Matrix, Section 16, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Soft Touch at
Selangor Festival held at "Matrix", Phileo Damansara 2 (next door to Eastin Hotel), Jalan Damansara
on 4th January 2002.

January 12th Acoustic Jam 6

February 1st Bangsar Shopping Centre, Jalan Maarof, KL

February 16th Acoustic Jam 7

March 9th Electro-digital at Blue Planet, Jalan P. Ramlee, KL with
Samarkand, Seven Collar T-shirt, Naked Breed, Private Whizz and O-Drive
"Although all the bands played five songs each, Soft Touch's performance
seemed shorter than it actually was. Probably it was because its music
was so varied and richly layered that time just seemed to melt away.
It's songs were well crafted and the sounds varied from song to song.
Some of the songs had a reggae tinge while
others could best be labelled as folk"
The Star, 16th March 2002

March 16th Acoustic Jam 8

March 30th GRRL part 2
at Charlie's Place, Jalan Parlimen, KL with
Intoxicated, Karen Nunis, O-Drive, Saz Lo and others

April 6th FAT ANT Festival part 2
at Crossroads Cafe, Section SS2, P J with
John's Mistress, Naked Breed, Love Me Butch and others

April 25th Blue Planet, Jalan P.Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur

October 5th Camerata dell'Arte Alternative bands
showcase at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya

October 20th Karyawan Music Festival at
12si, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL with
Artstream, Blues Gang, Love Me Butch, Seven Collar T-shirt,
Pop Shuvit, Bala, Looking Good and many others

October 25th Acoustic Jam 9

November 3rd Unclogged XI at
No Black Tie, Jalan Mesui, KL with
I'joo, Markiza and Peter Brown with Meor, Couple,
and Oddfellows from Singapore
(well, the singer but that was charismatic enough)
and other acts

December 21st Camerata dell'Arte "Indiefestation" at
Sunway Pyramid with many other bands

A great variety of bands performed over four days, amongst them (on Saturday, when
Soft Touch did their thing) Tempered Mental, Y2K, Dragon Red, Colour My Iris, False Opus
and Khaimano who really stole the show. Notwithstanding the enormous pressure from
whoever it is to reduce the volume, Christy did a credible job with the sound.
We played three songs: "Listen to What You See", "Better World" and "Crescendo",
this being the first public appearance for Jee (from Intoxicated) since she joined us as bassist.
Thanks Jee, thanks to everyone in the band for what was a satisfying performance
(judging by the recording and people's comments).
Thanks to the audience for their appreciation.

December 28th Music for Cool
Lemang Music 10th Anniversary show

December 31st Rock the World at
TA Car Park, Jalan P Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur with
Tempered Mental, Coffin Kanser, Butterfingers,
Disagree, Singletrackmind, Nervewreck, Lo,
Gerhana Ska Cinta, Love Me Butch & many others
About seventeen bands played, from 4.30 pm until about 1.00 am (Soft Touch were the second band, on at about 5.00). There was a great variety of music styles within the Rock idiom from the totally raw, in-yer-face hardcore of Pickcell and Nervewreck to the lady vocalist with the ambitious, be-horned Gerhana Ska Cinta singing "My Boy Lollipop" and other reggaeish delights. Our contribution was pretty well received, judging from some of the compliments directed at us after the show. Thanks so much for being a nice audience. Thanks too to Mirza who helped out on lead guitar as I'joo was unavailable. But on the downside, my guitar completely failed - I don't know what was wrong - no bass or lowers at all. I wish it sounded as good as Andy's (Flop Poppy) or Emmett's (Butterfingers). Bravo to Jason and Zahid and company for organising such a good show and to Rom for providing the sound.

Peter BrownPassionTheo Graham-BrownSpunky Funggy
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