Lemang Music 10th Anniversary show
December 28th "Music for Cool"

This was the Lemang Music ten year anniversary show, to celebrate ten years of non-profit-making music, and true to the spirit of Lemang Music, we lost a lot more money because only forty people
came and paid the RM10 - thank you so much people for your support -
I shall remember you in my will (but there'll only be debts then so you won't want that).
Everyone seemed to enjoy the show and the free food (which was good quality).
Most of the big cake got eaten. A sort of unplugged semi-Soft Touch kicked off the showcase,
with I'joo on bass for some quiet songs from Passion albums and Warm, Peter's latest album.
Then it was Reza who entertained us all with four songs, followed by FAM, with Andy
and some musician friends doing a brilliant acoustic set, and Y2K or rather one of them -
Saiful - giving it out with his music and personality, and a guest girl vocalist.
( continued below )

A technically fully equipped Samarkand
then came on and performed an extremely polished set with some intricate, thoroughly pleasing arrangements between the two electric guitarists, proving that we can have a full electric sound
with the Commonwealth Club P.A. system. After that Qings and Kueens pleased the crowd with their handsome songs, and then the full five-piece Soft Touch came on to do just two numbers,
as time was running short. Wolf did not let us down with his kind of alternative cabaret act
and sing-a-long songs including the amazing "Dead". And finally after the lucky draw X-cited Screamers brought the evening to a close with a fine intense performance of high-energy songs.
A special thanks to Don the sound guy from the Ocean school who did a great job, and to
Sashi and Jay for their equipment, and last but not least Trish and Ariff
for manning (and womanning) the desk.
Also to the Commonwealth Club for making it all possible.

Peter BrownPassionTheo Graham-BrownSpunky Funggy
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