Hard to Dream

There once was a man who had a dream
That everybody one day would be free
That they would live no matter what race
Amongst each other equally
He got up to speak and it rang so true
But did they listen to what he said?
His dream exacted a heavy price
One shot of steel and he lay dead

'Cause it's hard to dream
Yeah, it's hard to dream'
It's hard to dream, though dreaming is for free
Yeah, it's hard to dream
Yeah, it's hard to dream
It's hard to dream, to dream but not to see

She was a poor girl from a simple village
Intelligent, wanted toget on
Man came from a town nearby and said
Would you liken to work in a restaurant?
Her parents were keen, she could send back her pay
But when she reached her destiny
Found she was tied to a life of shame
Comforting men without a name

'Cause it's hard to dream...etc

Don't talk to me about change and hope
I got the answer, I got the dope
I live my life in a quiet sort of way
I keep my head down, got nothing to say
Just make my money and build my bricks
Aint got no time for politics
Throw your ideals or you'll end up in chains
What do you get for it all? - sore brains!

'Cause it's hard to dream...etc

by Peter Brown  © Lemang Music 2000