Supper With You

Well I like to be in good company but people make it hard
Maybe they think that I'm too free - that's why they're on their guard
Well I'm suspicious of them and they're suspicious of me
They talk behind my back, and make me jittery
They criticise me for the dreamsw inside my crazy head
They see my mote but not their beams
They weigh me down like lead
But then I aint had supper with you for a long time

Well I've been on a pleasure-boat, I know how to have a good time
I like to sew my wild oats - don't tell me that's a crime
But getting down to business, that's what I'm up against
When you're trying to communicate but you don't make any sense
And everybody has a different idea of what is going on
And just when you think you're in the right
others say you're in the wrong
But then I aint had supper withn you for a long time

I aint gonnas up with a long spoon
'cause that just aint my style
'cause I don't see you as dangerous
And I love the way you smile...

Well many people think I'm mad, they think I've gone insane
They say: don't worry about your life, it's just a normal pain
Well I don't wanna be normal 'cause I don't like what I read
About how everybody's trying to get more than they need -
I just need a million friends, and a thousand close ones too
And a hundred people I can call on
when I'm feeling blue
But then I aint had supper with you for a long time
No I aint had supper with you for a long time

by Peter Brown  © Lemang Music 2000