This Album, released in 2001 is about - well, it's about all sorts of things, personal insanity, environment, war, teenage lurve,
Martin Luther King, sexual exploitation of young girls, work, family, depression, beggars on the streets of London
and finally, Malaysia and its culture.

It features guitarist
Phil Davies
who co-produced the London end
(see picture below, playing with
Peter Brown in Hope & Anchor, Islington, London)

Farouk Ahyar keyboardist, master backup vocalist and producer who did the same in his studio in Malaysia.

Peter Brown plays acoustic guitars, harmonica, bass, slide guitar as well as lead vocals.

Other musicians:
Luke Mason drums and percussion,
Markiza keyboards and back-up vocals,
not forgetting guest artistes
Spunky Funggy

on "Wage Slave" and
Julian Mokhtar
on "Crazy Heart"

Track list
Click on the title for the lyrics
Click on MP3 to hear the song


Supper With You MP3
Move On Down The Line MP3
Hard To Dream MP3
The Secret MP3
Crazy Heart MP3
Better World MP3
Wage Slave MP3
Family Ties MP3
The Good Samaritan MP3
Night Time MP3
A Friend Like You MP3



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