Produced by  Khairil M Bahar & Peter Brown
Engineered by Khairil M Bahar at the Hub
Mastering by Lemang Music
Cover Illustration by Peter Brown
Album design by The Studio of Pius Eugene VN
Photography by Albert Ng, Wong Horngyih, Tang Chun Cheuh
copyright Lemang Music & Peter Brown 2015

BLUES  A new album by Peter Brown

Every track (1-14) features Peter Brown on lead vocal and acoustic guitar.  Additional musicians listed below.  Thanks to all these fine musicians

1. Gotta Make d’Music

A response to playing music commercially in a small country in S.E. Asia (but could be anywhere)

Electric guitar and guitar arrangements, electric bass & drum program:  Khairil M Bahar. Rap & backing vocals:  Peter Brown.  Solo lead guitar:  Rithan Vijay

2. If You Leave Me (I’m gonna go on drugs)

A light-hearted look at a love falling apart

Electric guitar & guitar arrangements, electric bass & drum program:  Khairil M Bahar.  Harmonica:  Peter Brown

3. Nit Head Blues

Can’t get rid o’ dem biting insects

Harmonica:  Peter Brown

4. Lesser Being

Get those damn cyclists off the road – it’s my road in my Merc

Keyboards & backing vocals:  Markiza.  Bass:  Khairil M Bahar.  Percussion:  Zalila Lee

5. Blues

When you’re really down, pick up that guitar and get down to it 

Keyboards:  Markiza.  Lead acoustic: Khairil M Bahar.  Slide, backing vocals, harmonica & silly remarks:  Peter Brown.  Bass:  Kevin Theseira.  Drums:  Theo Graham-Brown

6. Ain’t Easy

She doesn’t recognise LOVE when it’s staring her in the face

Keyboards & backing vocals:  Markiza.  Lead and scittery rhythm guitar:  Khairil M Bahar.  Slide: Peter Brown. Bass:  Kevin Theseira.  Drums:  Theo Graham-Brown

7. Contradictions

When everything in your rel is opposite to what it should be 

Keyboards & backing vocals:  Markiza.  Lead guitars:  Julian Mokhtar & Khairil M Bahar.  Cello Florian  Antier.  Bass:  Kevin Theseira.  Drums:  Theo Graham-Brown

8. Golden Moonbeams

Take a bow leaning over that parapet 

Keyboards & backing vocals:  Markiza.  Lead guitar & guitar arrangements:  Ihzwan Omar.  Electric guitar:  Peter Brown.  Bass:  Kevin Theseira.  Drums:  Theo Graham-Brown.

9.  Sad Tomorrow

Not the same as love

Keyboards, vocals:  Markiza.  Slide:  Peter Brown.  Drums:  Paul Millott.  Percussion:  Zalila Lee

10. Open Mic

Rejection stares you in the face – yet you still keep going there to play 

Lead guitar licks and solo:  N. Rama Lohan.  Harmonica:  Peter Brown

11. Jaded

Jump in – no, better not

12. Poverty

You need the chastening spirit

13. The River

Keep it flowing

14.  Insurmountable

What makes it all worth while


God Almighty, parents (genetic input), wife and musical partner Markiza, elder step-brother Ernest Hart, Richard Graham-Brown RIP, Theo, Nafisah & Rashid, Incredible String Band, Bread, Love & Dreams, Nick Mason, Incredible String Band, Bread Love & Dreams, Rafique Rashid, Dave Russell, Phil Davies, Soft Touch, Khai Bahar, Wong Lip Kee, Alda Tan RIP, N. Rama Lohan, David Sherwood, Joe Siva, Sandy Monteiro, Rafil Elyas, Reza Salleh, Brian Gomez, Edward Gomez, Saiful Freezailah, Steven Patric, Alex STMRock Wong, Jason Lo, all the fab musicians who played on this album and all who have encouraged our music.  So many thanks…

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thanks for the pic Albert

Gotta make d’Music     
by Peter Brown c. Lemang Music 2015

Gotta make d’music!

Gotta make d’music!

If you wanna make music an’ you feel like playing

Just listen to ev’rything I’m saying

The first thing you need is an instrument

But one that plays just what you want

No need to waste time practising

Your Korg or Roland does ev’rything

You can download files of the latest hits

So even a fellow without his wits

Can be a musician believe you me

Get a pitch controller if you sing off-key

An’ plenty of reverb ’n’ delay to disguise

So even the musical won’t get wise –

But I warn you if you play in a hotel

You need some pretty legs if you want to sell

Your act to the manager of F’n’B

’Cos he’s got a deal with an agency –

A percentage for every Philippino –

So local acts he’s not so keen-o

He tells everyone that local act

Don’t measure up an’ THAT’S A FACT!

Gotta make d’music!

If you wanna make music an’ it’s in your blood

You don’t wanna be no fuddy dud

Working in an office nine to five

Keeping it going just to stay alive

You wanna get yer hands ’round that guitar

Make a noise, be a star

You wanna be playing in a place at night

Staying up late under the lights

But if you wanna make a start

You gotta play songs from the charts

All that well-known standard stuff

But even that won’t be enough

If you don’t get the solo exactly right

You may as well just say ‘good night’

That Bee Gees song you can’t ad lib

Gotta sing it just like Robin Gibb

Otherwise the audience ’ll be upset

They ain’t ready for creativity yet

unless of course it’s from the West

’Cos that’s the stuff that’s REALLY BEST

Gotta make d’music!

You better watch your repertoire

Alternative won’t get you far

’Cos nearly all the guys are over forty

Greying at the temples – they can be quite haughty

So you’ll get messages from the bar

saying ‘who the hell do you think you are?’

Why aren’t you playing my Kenny Rogers

Yeah, these are just the kind of codgers

Drinking every night to get away from the wife

This is what they like in life:

Pretty girl singer knocking back the whisky

Something daring – a little bit risqué

So never mind if the song’s inane

Get some more alcohol in your brain

They don’t wanna know about anything real

They don’t wanna know about how you feel

They just want to rhythm and melody, son

They just want to have some fun

So be bright and cheerful, don’t look sad

You gotta come across like Jack the Lad

Never harp on moral issue

Or your audience ’ll miss you

Don’t forget you’re selling beer

No intellectual stuff in here

Better not ignore the Lady in Red

’Cos she’s the butter on your bread

Yeah, you gotta please that long cool Dane

And so the word is: ENTERTAIN!

Gotta make d’music!

Gotta make d’music!


If you leave me
(I'm going to go on drugs)

by Peter Brown
c. Lemang Music 2015

I've got something to say to you                                                              <>
I need to take revenge                                                                                   
I thought your love was true                                                                          

But your heart is like stonehenge    (pause)                                                   

If you leave me I'm going to go on drugs                                                      

Yes, I mean it, I'm going to go on drugs                                                       

What I'll miss in erogination                                                                          

I'll make up with intoxication                                                                        

So here's my warning,
I'm going to go on drugs                   

Let hyperdermical insertion                                       

Fill the void of your desertion                (pause)                   

'Cause that's what I'm going to do,
I'm going to go on drugs      

If you think it's just a joke                                         

Or that all I mean is smoke                                        

I've got nothing left to weedle                                                          

So I'm resorting to the needle                                    

Yes, I think I've had enough                                     

Of this world of easy love                                         

So if you leave me in this limbo                                 

I'll not want    (pause)   
another bimbo   (r)              

Instead of all that,
I'm going to go on drugs             

Now that you've left me,
I'm going to go on drugs                                       

Yes, now it's certain I'm going to go on drugs                                              

Following our dissolution                                          

I've chosen bodily pollution                                       

To ease the pain, I'm going to go on drugs                

Now that you have sent me packing                          

It's time for some emotional hacking                         

It's gonna be real hard    (pause)   
I'm gonna go on drugs 

For when you see me all strung out                                       

Then you'll know without a doubt                             

You're the one who made it happen                          

This is my psychological weapon -                            

Yes, when you see my veins all blue                         

You'll know it's all the fault of you                           

And so I hope the sense of guilt                                

Will fill your mind up to the hilt   (pause)                 

And to escape this torment...
you'll have to go on (r) drugs        

spoken:  and then we might get back together -
because we'll have something in common)

Nit Head Blues   
by Peter Brown 
c. Lemang Music 2015


Woke up this morning there were nits in my hair

An' my sweet loving baby she just don' seem to care,

Wash my hair las' Sunday but the nits di'n go away

I seem to be jus' scratching, scratching, scratching every day

I got the Nit Head Blues (x 3)

And it's getting me down


I got a new shampoo now it's really meant for dogs

It reeks something dreadful jus' like them ole school bogs

The nits jumped up in outrage, said, “you've driven us from home

“We gotta be refugees on someone else's dome”

Yeah, I got the Nit Head Blues (x 3)

And it's getting me down


So now my babe's got nits an' she's scratching all the time

She rants and raves at me as if I've committed crime

She's shaved her head all over - looks jus' like a mannequin

So now I've got the nits back - looks like you jus' can't win

I got the Nit Head Blues (x 3)

And it sure is getting me down

Lesser Being     
by Peter Brown  
c. Lemang Music 2015


In my Big Mercedes                                                              

I'm gonna run you down                                                        

You are just an obstacle                                                         

Don't deserve to be around                                                    

Holding up the traffic                                                                                    

Pedalling so slow                                                                                           

Got to get to my meeting so                                                                          

Make way and let me go!                                                      

'Cause you're a Lesser Being,
a Lesser Being                        

Truly you're a Lesser Being                                                   


You tell me I'm extravagant                                                  

That I cause the Earth to heat                                                

That the evil petrol engine                                                     

Is already obsolete                                                                 

Well, I'll tell you I'm the one                                                 

Who makes the economy grow                                              

I give employment to ones                                                     

Like you who are so slow                                                      

'Cause I'm a Greater Being,
a Greater Being                         

Truly I'm a Greater Being                                                      


So just get out from under                                                     

Us successful people's feet                                                    

I'll teach you who’s useful                                                     

And who is obsolete                                                              

I'm gonna rule the Highway                                                  

I'm gonna make my pile                                                         

And you guys you'll be left behind                                       

To pedal your every mile                                                       

'Cause you're Lesser Beings,
Lesser Beings                                                              

Truly you are Lesser Beings                                                   


'Cause life is competition                                                       

And if you want to thrive                                                      

You gotta tread on others -                                                    

It's the fittest who survive                                                     

We will rule the planet                                                           

We will make the laws                                                           

And if resources are limited                                                   

We'll see that they're all OURS!                                            

'Cause we're Greater Beings,
Greater Beings                        

Truly we are Greater Beings                                                 


'Cause we're Greater Beings,
Greater Beings            


Truly we are Greater Beings                          

BLUES by Peter Brown 2015



Always in the plural         


Urban never rural             


Even country blues is town        


In a bar feeling down       


My table has no candle    

My table has no light       

I'm sitting here in darkness        

Looking for a fight           

I got the blues                   



always the same colours  


Don't get reds or yellows 


Feeling sorry for yerself   


F*** everybody else        


My table's got no food     

My body's got no heart    

My parents had no love   

Now I don't know where to start

I've got the blues                      


Blues is when depression 

Turns into an obsession    

Til you can't control aggression  

So you have a little session         

With a psychiatrist            

You talk about your mother        

Your father and your brother      

And another and another             

Til it's too much to uncover        


All the love you missed              

So you just go and get p*****    

You got the blues                        



Yer really really stuck             


You don't give a fuck              


When things get really heavy   


You go down to the levy         


And you think of jumping in   

But you know you'll only swim       

You've had enough of fooling          

You've had it to the brim         

You got the blues                     

You sure have baby...the blues



You're really in the pit             


Life is just S***!  (spokem)     


Your girl has said goodbye      


Your debts reach to the sky     

And you've got that dreadful feeling   

So you screw a hook into the ceiling  

But then you see your old guitar          

And instead you sing your heart out - sing the blues...                                         

Blues....   Blues...                             




Aint Easy Loving You                       
by Peter Brown c. 2015


<>(I've been) working so hard                                       

To win your love for me                                            

(I've been) showing my good cards               

The ones that I want you to see                                                         


I don't understand how you can be                           

So indifferent                                     

A smile in my direction                      

Would be heaven sent                        


Oh it's not easy                                  

It ain't easy loving you                       


(I'm just an) ordinary guy                                                                  

(An' I) don'  look striking                                          

In fact I'm kind a shy                         

Wish I was more to your liking                                                          


But I got a good heart                                   

And it's beating here for you 

I could show you so much
\if I could 

Only get through                                


Oh it's not easy                                  

It ain't easy loving you                                                                                               


Now people say                                                         

(You should) have more pride                                               

(Have a) bit more attitude                  

An' she will come running
to your side                                                         


(Well) all I can say is that I                            

Wanna be sincere                               

If only you would realise                   

Just how much I care                         


Oh it's not easy                                              

(It ain't) easy loving you                                            

by Peter Brown  

c. Lemang Music 2015


Got no purpose in the seasons                                                      

Got no changes on my mind                         

Only lovers have their reasons                                             

but no pretext can I find                                                           

Say to you I must be going though                                    

Travelling is furthest from my heart                                   

No affection am I showing                                                 

Nor the pain of my depart                                                             

Always saying the opposite                                                       

Of what I feel - how can I be rid
of the                                      

Contradictions of Love,
The contradictions of love…              


Like a plane without a landing                                              

I'm afraid of the ground                                                           

How can I hope for understanding                                      

When the treasure can't be found                                            

Please be nice I've come to visit                                        

This dry desert of the Earth                                                

When we're hungry just why is it                                       

We seek a resting place of dearth                                                  

Always seeming indifferent                                                      

Always acting as if our love is spent -                                       

The contradictions of love,
The contradictions of love...                  


What relief I have when we're
not together                  

Exquisite pain in my brain                                       

Easy to imagine we were made
for each other        

Easy to want you, easy to love you                          


Don't you appreciate it's hurtful                                                                

When you need me oh so bad

When I'm soft then you are spiteful              

Yet you expect me to be glad                                                                    

In the secret sure recesses

We have to be so safe alone                                                                                  

Jealousy of your excesses

Leads my heart to turn to stone                      -                                  

Yet still there the joyous ache

No it's never enough to break            

The contradictions of love,
the contradictions of love...

Golden Moonbeams  
by Peter Brown     c. Lemang Music, 2015

When you hit rock bottom and your grounded in this life

And all your relationships seem to end in strife

And the darkness gathers round and your thoughts become unclear

And you want to go somewhere where no-one else is near

chorus: Golden Moonbeams on my wall tonight

In my despair I lay awake all night

Thinking of dying, such a sweet delight, such a sweet delight

And the World is rotten, yeah, it's going to the dogs

You feel you are just one of seven thousand million cogs

People killing people 'cause they don't like their beliefs

You feel you want to make a stand, you want to bare your teeth

Golden Moonbeams...etc.     
And you're so alone, you can't seem to love no more

You want to get back to the way you were before  

You want to do so many things but what you can't decide

You're stand at the edge of the road but you just can't get a ride

    Golden Moonbeams...etc.  

Open Mic  by Peter Brown 


c. Lemang Music 2015

Everybody's playing for free  

As you go down to the bar  

The beer is costing far too much  

And we didn't come by car  


There are more guitars than people  

As you try to find a seat  

So many other singers and  

instrumentalists to greet  


You sit there nervous in your seat

While impatience starts to burn

So many acts to get through

Before you can do your turn


And the singer sounds like Bono

Mick Jagger or Thom Yorke

The audience isn't listening

His voice is drowned in talk


'Cause everybody's playing for free

'Cause we're playing our own songs

Some of them are boring

Some are far too long


And the singer sounds like Dylan

Jeff Buckley or Nick Drake

The guitar playing so familiar

Who's that for goodness sake?


He sings of his ex-girl friend

She sings of women's rights

Dreaming of being on MTV

With her name so clear and bright


She wants mummy's attention

She wants to be daddy's pet

With her mix of Jewel and Lisa Loeb

And Alanis Morrisette


I've only got ten minutes

Two songs to make my mark

One man and his acoustic

Always sounds so stark

There's no time for stage patter

The jokes fall down like lead

They're doing a brisk trade at the bar

They're sure not in the red


Three hours’ worth of singers

Performing their own songs

But how many can you recall?

Sad to say not one


Yes, everybody's playing for free

'Cause fame is our intent

The pub owner is doing well

But we don't get a cent


Plodding, strumming guitars

Bashing out the chords

Nasal, reedy vocals

God, I feel so bored


And they are bored by my stuff

Yet the pageant carries on

Like some religious ritual

Of an age that's nearly done


We dream of scoring five stars

In the Q magazine rating

We want to get back at parents

For their underestimating


So Tonight we're all playing for free

But now it's time to leave

Say cheers to all my buddies

Catch you next time, I believe




by Peter Brown c. Lemang Music 2015

Taking the plunge

How would it feel

If I saw you in a room

And I knew it was real

For one brief moment

I followed my heart

But then it would die

And we'd fall apart

But I'm taking the plunge tonight

Hope it will be alright

Taking the plunge -

Would I know what to do

If I thought you were magic

And my love was true

But right now I'm sad

'Cause my loving days are through

So I sit at the poolside

And I let you slip through

And I'm taking no risks tonight

Wish I could feel alright


            Wish I could feel

            Like a man that's real

            I could hold you in my arms

            Lift you off the floor

          Instead of just waiting

            Til you open that door

            You will never open that door

Wish I could love you

The way you deserve

'Cause you are a beauty

And it's you I would serve

But right now I'm jaded

And dried up and parched

So I stand in the shadows

Under the arch

And I shy away tonight

Wish I could feel alright

Yes I shy away tonight

Wish I could feel alright

by Peter Brown   c. Lemang Music 2015

Lost Love, hungry and cold

Feeling so weak when you want to be bold

Feeling evil when you want to be good

Nothing goes like you think it should


Give it to me

I want some of your poverty

You have the eyes to see


The World is alive but so unsafe

You’re just a sweet and tender waif

Who has no umbrella to keep out the rain

But there’s dry death behind my brain


Give it to me

I want some of your poverty

You have the eyes to see

We are raised in sorrow ands pain

Maybe never to love again

Care worn and weather beaten

Of the tree of knowledge eaten

Give it to m,e ... etc


Will I ever see you again?

Will I ever wash away the stain?

Will your tight arms ever hold me?

Will your warm, fresh smell enfold me?


Give it to me

I want some of your poverty

You have the eyes to see


The River  
by Peter Brown c. Lemang Music 2015


It’s a Strange Old World

And I’ve spent a long time here

And I didn’t know where I was going

And I’ve lived and I’ve loved

And I’ve laughed and I’ve shed tears

And All the while the river was flowing


            And it flows through the plains

            Where the flowers smell so sweet

            And it washes the earth away


And each new moment

Is a new life complete

And myself says ‘I can’t stay’


Well I roamed on alone

Through many ideas

And many new places I have been

And before the journey ends

I’ll have made many friends

And many new people I have seen


            And the river flows on

            Winding slowly to the sea

            And loses itself in the waves


And illusion opens to a new eternity

My memory never can save


We are all moving on

Through a pageant of dreams

A drama of diversity

And nothing is ever exactly what it seems

And no-one is ever really free

Through streets of coloured lights

Where the music plays so loud

And the dancers throwing shadows on the Moon

And the glamour and the sites

The excitement and the crowds

Is it real when it’s over so soon

Sad Tomorrow  
by Peter Brown c. Lemang Music 2015


If you knew the way I feel better than I do

You would not be able to put things right

When I’m with you and you don’t respond I know it’s true

Nothing now can change my dark to light


It’s a sad tomorrow, sad today

Sad tomorrow so we play the game

But it’s not the same as love


Death is gradual so the organism slowly dies

Waking up like lead in the morning sun

You see it all so clearly and you wonder why those lies

Led you to embrace what now we shun


It’s a sad tomorrow, sad today

Sad tomorrow so we play the game

But it’s not the same as love

But that’s what we became


Underneath you know the answer

Icy cold your heart does play

Two people can’t approach each other

How can love lead us astray

I love you but it’s all decay

Yet I need you more than love can say


It’s a sad tomorrow, sad today

Sad tomorrow so we play the game

But it’s not the same as love  x 2


Not the same as love

Not the same as love

Not the same as love

Not the same as love

Not the same as, not the same as,

Not the same as love

Not the same as, not the same as,

Not the same as love

Not the same as, not the same as,

Not the same as love

Not the same as, not the same as,

Not the same as love

Not the same as, not the same as,

Not the same as love

by Peter Brown

2013 c. Lemang Music


Pretty Flower, delicate leaf

How will you know when it’s time to leave

Blue skies, tender dawn

Darkness gathers when the day is done


Insurmountable, insurmountable

Your love is insurmountable

Insurmountable, insurmountable

Your love is insurmountable


Without a right, without a hope

How will we ever learn to cope

Guide me with your light so pure

Give me strength, make me sure


Insurmountable, insurmountable

Your love is insurmountable

Insurmountable, insurmountable

Your love is insurmountable