BLUES is Peter Brown’s 5th studio album produced by Khairil M Bahar and released on the Lemang Music label in 2015.  It is a heterodox collection of songs ranging from acoustic rap to Robert Johnson-ish folk blues and swishy harmonica playing, others with a touch of Neil Young, James Taylor, country music and satire thrown in – in fact the best songs he has been writing in recent years, with the theme of…well, blues, depression, the  search for love – all sorts of dismal stuff - and the mystery at the end of the line.

Influenced since his teens by such as Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, Leadbelly, Blind Willie Johnson, Donovan, Cat Stevens and the Incredible String Band, he has along with his partner/wife Markiza been playing incessantly in the West (mainly Britain) and in the East (mainly Malaysia), writing and recording songs on love, personal struggles, The Environment, Human Rights, the plight of the less fortunate, refugees, War and Peace, poverty.

During the nineties the duo Passion made some impression in Malaysia with catchy songs backed up by some of the country’s finest session musicians.  Later a band was formed around the duo.  This band  SOFT TOUCH played at some major festivals and won an appreciative following.

Brown and Markiza are currently recording a new album (to be named “Losing Nature”) and working on some videos to go with songs on BLUES and the forthcoming songs.  They are hoping for radio play and more gigs to reach a wider audience.


“This album is dedicated to the struggling artiste, the newcomer, the young folks. Whether he’s being the helpless romantic (‘Jaded’) or the ambitious singer-songwriter waiting for his turn to play his two-song set at one of those dreadfully boring acoustic gigs (‘Open Mic’), Blues shows that good, mature song writing, while not a sought-after skill, is a gift bestowed to those lucky enough to have survived the seriousness of a life-long career in music.”  Juice Magazine

“Brown’s music, with its echoes of both Bob Dylan the British folk music of the 1960s, is steeped in the erstwhile role of music as commentary on contemporary society. Once you realise where Brown is coming from, you’re hooked. His songs have an intensity belied by the relaxed, almost offhand execution of much of the music.”  International Times

“...and on Blues it's all good, especially Ain’t Easy, the opening one, Gotta Make d’Music , and especially Contradictions and Golden Moonbeams.  So nice and loosely recorded, great guitars, led by the singer, with everyone having a good time and into the music.”  Singer-songwriter recording artist Ivor Game

“Brown is singer-songwriter with an original slant, sometimes straying into comic or satirical territory, with songs that have a bluesy flavour and often sad, introspective mood, sometimes wryly sardonic, with style switching from rap to rock to folk-traditional.”  Stevie, manager, Tower Records

“The album is, to my non-sound-engineer ears, well-produced, and has amazing clarity. I like how Peter sounds far more cynical and observant, his biting lyrics and social commentary cutting through the mix.”  Photographer Albert Ng

“I’m really enjoying your new album, great stuff! Love the songwriting & wit in the lyrics, plus great guitar, organ, vocals, n harmonica playing throughout.”  Singer-songwriter Azmyl Yunor

“I think Blues is one of your best stuff yet.  I really like
Gotta Make D’Music, If You Leave Me, Open Mic, Blues.  I think Lesser Being Would have been a great song for Spunky to cover.”
Musician Alan Ramli, bassist with Spunky Funggy